Ejesra Event Promo Fee
Add Your Event
₹ 2000 / 30 USD
  • List your event on the Ejesra database
  • You may choose to promote your events at any point
Ad Box Service
₹ 3000 / 50 USD
  • An ad box on the Ejesra site
  • Your event will appear in bold text on our listing pages
  • This service runs for the duration of your event being listed on Ejesra
Spotlight Service
₹ 12,000 / 160 USD
  • Your event announcement emailed to targeted Ejesra subscribers
  • Reach thousands of interested academics and professionals
Want to add your event?
Send the following details via Email: info.ejesra@gmail.com
  • Choose service
    • Add Your Event
    • Ad Box Service
    • Spotlight Service
  • Event website link
  • Contact person details: name, email and phone number
Payment Method
Payments can be done via the following payment gateway.